We are KPI

a boutique executive leadership consultancy focused on digital transformation.

Our Value Proposition

We provide senior management of our partners with strategic advice and practical insights to successfully lead their organizations in the digital transformation journey.

Our Courses

Our educational and capacity building programs are carefully developed by renowned experts to provide executives with the insights and knowledge they need in a concise and effective manner.

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For further information about KPI, and to start designing your next learning experience, please contact us:

Dr. Cesar J. Louis
Phone: (961) 3 786-668
Email: cesar (at) knowledgepractices.ca

Dr. Anas Tawileh
Phone: (416) 273-4448
Email: anas (at) knowledgepractices.ca

Mr. Gaby McRussel
Email: gaby (at) knowledgepractices.ca

Mr. Wissam Tawileh
Email: wissam (at) knowledgepractices.ca